Friday, May 28, 2010

It Was A Very Interesting Evening At The Library

We not only had a delightful time last night at "Books & Bites," but we learned a great many things.
Such as, no matter how much food you've prepared to serve, you'll always think at the beginning there will not be enough. And by the end of the event, you'll realize you had way too much and everyone had plenty to eat.
We also learned from several people (authors included) that they had tried to get their public libraries in their towns to hold such an event, but none had been planned to date. They wanted to know how to get such an event started, where we got the names of the authors, and how we decided what kind of fundraiser to hold.
We could help with the last three questions, but not the first. We just happen to have a really great director and library Board, who are willing to encourage and promote these authors' events.
Of course, we talked to several authors to see if they felt the evening was worth their time and effort. All said yes. They felt the exposure was tremendous and enjoyed talking to everyone about their books. Some authors also had family in the Moultrie area and were able to visit with them. All the authors were happy to just visit with the other authors and talk "shop."
As for the food (I keep coming back to that, don't I?), our MCCLS Friends, the Federated Guild, and the Junior Woman's Club just "outdid" (that's a Southern word) themselves. And there were several individuals who provided scrumptious "bites" also.
We say "Thanks!" to everyone for helping make the evening successful...authors, their friends and families, the book-lovers who bought books, those who sold tickets and bought tickets, all who brought treats, those who helped clean up, and staff members who helped with the book sale, food, and miscellanous tasks.
It was a very special and intersting evening at the library. And from what we understand, people will be looking forward to next year's event.
Time to start planning....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's The Day And We're Excited!

Well, the day of our special authors' event has arrived. And we are excited!
The food began arriving early this morning...marshmellow delights, candy-coated pretzel sticks, fruit plates, veggie plates, cookies galore, and all manner of little "bites" of scrumptious food that will just make your mouth water when you see them. A plateful with a beverage is all for the purchase of a donation ticket for $5.00.
So many helpers have provided the food that I'm afraid I'll leave someone out if I try to list them all, but these I know for sure: the Junior Woman's Club, the Women's Federated Club of Moultrie, the Friends of MCCLS, and numerous individuals, including library staff members.
Tickets have been on sale for nearly a month now: from Library Board members, our Friends of MCCLS, Books & More on the downtown Square, staff members, and at the Doerun Library, as well as our circulation counter. If you didn't purchase one earlier, you can when you come tonight. Tickets will be sold just outside the auditorium door, where the "bites" will be waiting for you.
And the library - WOW! - wait until you see the pretty little pots of flowers on the authors' tables. Melody's big grapevine basket is filled with colorful flowers and matching garlands are on each side of it across the low bookcase in the reading area. Near this bookcase is where she will welcome everyone and introduce the authors.
Once their introductions are complete, they will be ushered to the nearby reference area where a group picture will be taken. Our special MCCLS photographer will be present all evening to catch random shots of visitors and authors as they chat about books and writing.
The event is from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. It's going to be a very special evening. Come join us. We're at 204 5th Street Southeast, only three blocks from the downtown Square.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And The Last Few Are...

The last few authors to tell you about, who are coming to "Books & Bites" tomorrow (YIKES! Tomorrow!) are:
  • From Conyers, DARRELL L. HUCKABY is the author of "Need Two," as well as a syndicated newspaper columnist, teacher, and public speaker, who loves to share his down-home humor and unique reflections on life.
  • From Ellenton, AUDIE PERRY, SR. always dreamed of having a book published. He recently fulfilled his dream when he published "Heroic Kids of the Inner Dimension," and he hopes he's taught some Christian beliefs along the way.
  • FREEMAN RIVERS, SR. is from Hahira and the author of "Words of Expression and Encouragement." He's involved in community and civic organizations, is a Master Mason, a 32nd degree Mason with Shriner Prince Hall Affiliation.
  • SHIRLEY STRAWTER of TyTy has written and compiled several soul-stirring collections of poems, including "Seasoned with Grace." She's also composed a series of short stories. Reverend Strawter is pastor of St. John and St. Mark A.M.D. Church in Plains, GA.

We have added another author since I started telling you about them. DEAN POLING from Valdosta is a nominee for the 46th annual Georgia Writers Association's Author of the Year for his first novel "Waiting for Willie." He's also the assistant managing editor of The Valdosta Daily Times and associate editor of Valdosta Scene magazine.

And into each life some rain must fall, so I'm sorry to report that we've lost three authors for the event due to unexpected circumstances: Janice and Clyde Short of Lake Park and Keith Taylor of Pavo. But we have them on the list for next year!

Well, I guess that's it for the special authors' event. I sure hope to see you there. It's an event book lovers just should not miss. Remember, it's 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., right here in the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library, 204 5th Street, Southeast, in good ole Moultrie, Georgia.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have I Told You About The Florida Authors?

We are so close to our special authors' event that you can almost hear the book pages turning.
So, before they get here, let me tell you about the authors coming from Florida.

  • From Crawfordville, FL is TERRY FOLSOM (maiden name McDaniel). Since her childhood in Doerun, she has used writing as a hobby and tool in the various ministries she has shared with her pastor-husband. Her book, "Nuggets from Genesis," represents her desire to touch the lives of young people and women with the Word of God.
  • From Panama City Beach, FL is SONNY SAMMONS. He began his writing career with "Keepers of Echowah," which was later selected Book of the Year by Georgia Writers, Inc. The sequel to "Keepers" is scheduled for publication in June 2010 and movie rights to both books have been purchased. "The Valley of the Gods" is scheduled for publication in December.
  • NATHAN SMITH HIPPS from Tallahassee (by way of Fitzgerald, GA) has contributed articles to national and regional magazines on southern life and people. "Remembrance" is his first published novel.
  • JAMES W. PARRISH is from Tallahassee (by way of Quitman, GA). He became aware that two of his maternal great-great-grandfathers served in the 50th Georgia Infantry Regiment as he researched his ancestors. His book "Wiregrass to Appomattox: The Untold Story of the 50th Georgia Infantry Regiment, CSA" was written as a result.
  • From Monticello, FL is DR. ANN HOLT, the author of "Riding Fence." She is also a poet, grant-writer and storyteller. She has authored eight novels, poetry, articles, reviews and a parenting book.

That's all the Florida writers. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you about the ones from Conyers, Ellenton, Hahira and TyTy. And if you haven't found the time to come visit our special authors' event on Thursday, May 27th, you're sure going to miss a great treat. But I'm going to look for you....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Far And Wide, The Authors Are Coming!

That's right! And if you've been following the blogs, you know that today I'm going to tell you more about our authors' event, "Books & Bites."
You're going to meet some fabulous authors, enjoy hearing about their writing careers, and taking a look at some great books they're bringing with them to sell and autograph. Some of the authors are...
  • JACQUELYN COOK from DeSoto, whose first love is writing timeless stories about the South. She'll have copies of her novel "The Greenwood Legacy," which is based on a culture of plantations, 70 of which still exist on 300,000 acres from Thomasville to Tallahassee.
  • JACKIE K. COOPER is from Perry. He has not only authored five books, the latest "The Sunrise Remembers," but he is a film critic with reviews in an assortment of Georgia newspapers and a featured radio/TV guest across the South. His next book, "Back to the Garden," will be published in the spring of 2011.
  • DAVID H. HANKS will be coming from Augusta. A Morven native, he published his book "The Disappearance" in 2007, a novel based on a true crime that occurred in 1972 near his hometown in South Georgia. He was among the award winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize given to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
  • KAY STRICKLAND HEATH from Dawson has written three chapter books in the "Ida Claire" series, as well as "Three Little Frogs in a Boomerang Journey." She continues to share her love of writing by visiting schools to make presentations about reading and writing.
  • PATSY M. HENRY is from Bainbridge. Her goal for retirement was to explore her dream of writing and she has done just that. Her books, "My Hare Line" and "My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit," reflect her love for her little bunnies.
  • WILLIAM (BILL) LIGHTLE is the Albany author of "Made or Broken: Football & Survival in the Georgia Woods" who was honored by the Georgia senate for "his passion for education, history, and the furtherance of social justice." His second book, "Mill Daddy: The Life and Times of Roy Davis," was published in November 2009.

You're in for a treat when you come to "Books & Bites," Thursday, May 27th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library, 204 5th Street, Southeast, in Moultrie, Georgia. If you need more information, call us at 229-985-6540. We're hoping to see you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Authors From Thomasville And Tifton at "Books & Bites"!

That's right! When we hold our big authors' event, "Books & Bites," on Thursday, May 27th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. here at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library (that's 204 5th Street, Southeast, in Moultrie, in case you don't know), we'll have authors from Thomasville and Tifton attending. They will be part of the group of 31 authors you can meet and talk to about their writing careers.
So, let me tell you who they are.

  • BONNE DAVIS CELLA from Tifton is the author of "Fixing the Moon - The Story of the First Presidential Pilot and Aviation Pioneer, Lt. Col. Henry Tift Myers" and "Happy Tells...Chronicles of An Admirable Life." She is the administrator of the State Bar of Georgia's South Georgia Office in Tifton.
  • ESTELLA HADLEY GROOVER is the oldest of 15 siblings who grew up at Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville. She is the author of "The Daughter of a Plantation Worker," a book of stories of her years of "living and still counting." Ms. Groover is 88 years old and still going strong.
  • JAMES "JACK" HADLEY is the brother of Ms. Groover and from Thomasville also. He coauthored "African American Life on the Southern Hunting Plantation" with Dr. Titus Brown of Florida A.&M. University. Mr. Hadley was born at Pebble Hill Plantation and is the Founder, President and CEO of The Jack Hadley Black History Museum in Thomasville.
  • JANET LITHERLAND from Thomasville is the author of "Chain of Deception," four novels, ten nonfiction books, and numerous articles and stories for national magazines. Her book "Absolutely Unforgettable Parties" reached #2 on the Small Press Top Ten Best-sellers list.
  • DR. NILES REDDICK is from Tifton and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton. He has been a teacher, the coordinator of a writers' festival, and the editor of an international publication. "Lead Me Home" is his latest book.
  • PATRICIA STEPHENS of Thomasville was inspired through the lessons she learned from her own journey with fibromyalgia to write her book "Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health." She has lessons to teach.

Tomorrow I want to tell you about the authors from DeSoto, Perry, Augusta, Dawson, Bainbridge, Conyers, Ellenton, and Hahira. You never know when you might be related to one of these authors. Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There Are Moultrie Authors Coming To Our Book Event

You just never know who is writing a book around here. Or who has published a book. But I can tell you we have some wonderful authors right here in Moultrie that you should know about.
When you attend "Books & Bites," our third annual authors' event, on Thursday, May 27th, these are some of the authors you will meet...and these live right here in Moultrie.
  • MEGHAN CAMPBELL, a graduate of Colquitt County High School and Lee University in Cleveland, TN, wrote "Sought from the Shadows," which is set in her childhool hometown in Southwest Florida.
  • PATIENCE ARLINE-HICKS and WENDI N. HICKS are a mother-daughter team, who co-authored "Old Mean Molly," as well as "Sitting on My Mama's Porch," a book of poetry.
  • DR. DAVID HOPKINS is the author of "Multiplying Disciples: Increasing the Kingdom of God One Person at a Time." He is the author of three books, including "Nine Habits of Truly Transformed People," and "The Miracle Continues."
  • MELODY S. JENKINS has been the director of the Moultrie Library since 1976. Her book, "Colquitt County: Images of America," was published in 2009. She is presently working on Volume II of this book.
  • GLORIA SMITH recently pubished her book, "Bloom Where You Are Appointed." It is about her forty-year journey through the ministry with her husband, a Methodist minister.

Well, that's only six of the 31 authors who will be attending the event. The next time we meet, I'll tell you about authors from Tifton and Thomasville. And you won't believe who will have a movie made about two of his books.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

There's A Big Book Event Coming

A friend asked me the other day where the "Blog" was. Had I stopped writing it?
No, I told him. We've just been so busy around here lately that I haven't taken the time to do a few lines. But let me tell you, there's a big book event coming.
On Thursday, May 27th, the library will do its usual closing at 5:30 p.m. Everyone will leave (well, patrons, that is), we'll do a quick clean-up, and then reopen the doors at 6:30 p.m. to the public.
From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. our third annual authors' event, this year titled "Books & Bites," will host 31 authors. That's right...31 authors, all in the same place at the same
For a donation ticket of $5.00, patrons are entitled to receive a plateful of scrumptious "bites" of food and a beverage. The donation will help fund the library book fund, which due to cost-cuts really needs the funding. The food is being provided by several Moultrie organizations, which I'll tell you about in the next blog.
However, for now just let me tell you that we have authors coming from not only Moultrie, but Tifton, DeSoto, Perry, Thomasville, Augusta, Dawson, Bainbridge, Conyers, Ellenton, Hahira, Lake Park, TyTy, and Pavo. They are also coming from Florida cities of Crawfordville, Tallahassee, Monticello, and Panama City Beach.
So, you can see we are planning for an exciting evening.
Be sure you put the date and time on your calendar. This is an event you won't want to miss.