Thursday, November 29, 2012


     It's beginning to look like Christmas around our library.
     Yesterday we finished putting out the Christmas book displays and are still working on the lighted cases.
      Several staff members have contributed to the display in the cases...a little metal Christmas tree with dangly ornaments, a soft fuzzy white bear with his matching moose friend, a Santa in his red suit, blue flowers, items of silver, lots of glittery things...and with more to come.  Our signs say "Give More Love, Give More Hope, Give More Joy."  Great words to remember all year round.
      Our front lobby foyer table has a Christmas tree decked out with small red balls and ribbon streamers.  The tree and decorations were contributed by Johnnie and the bow-making was compliments of Ann, who has a talent we now know about!  The tree skirt (also from Johnnie) is red plaid and everything sits on a green plaid tablecloth.  All around the tree are Christmas books, colorful as a string of bright lights.
      Our bookcase next to the circulation counter has a sign that says, "Weather Frightful? Books Delightful!" and the shelves hold a 12-pack collection of Christmas books, good for any-time-weather reading.
      As you can see, we have out our seasonal books.  The "'Tis the Season" table in front of the nonfiction stacks holds holiday books to enjoy.  Aileen has offered a brochure titled "'Tis the Season" with a list of great holiday readings and their reviews.  Some of the books listed encourage me to take a couple home..."Naughty or Nice" by Eric Jerome..."The Diva Cooks a Goose" by Krista Davis..."Cat Deck the Halls: A Joe Grey Mystery" by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.  So many to read; so little time!
      Be sure to look at the books we've placed on top of the front lobby cases...such books as "Christmas Around the World,"  "Christmas Cheer," and "The Family Christmas."  In a week or two we will include the Christmas cookbooks, unless they are all checked out! 
      We don't want to forget the picture in the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library either.  This time we've place a lovely picture of "Washington Crossing the Delawre, 1851" by artist Emanuel Leutz (1816-1868).  The snow and ice will make you glad you're in the warm South.  We've also included a list of questions that will tempt you in your search for the answers about the picture.
      We're going to be open for business as usual until December 19.  So, come on in and get in the spirit of Christmas.  And watch for our Christmas additions....  There's bound to be more to come.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


     I'm ashamed to say that I'm sitting here listening to Christmas music...but I am.  Ashamed because it's not even Thanksgiving Day yet.
     Once again I need to tell you that we will be closed for Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I think we are closed for too many days - the 21st through the 24th, reopening on the 26th - but I understand it also helps with the budget constraints of a public library.  And I do understand that it gives those staff members who are traveling out of town more time to be safe in their traveling. 
     It does make me wonder, however, about all those people who use the library every day, for whatever reason.  Makes me wonder what they do when we are closed, where they go, and, really, if they are all right.  Many come to use our computers because they have none themselves.  How do they continue to job search, do online class homework, check with family and friends by email?  Many come to get in out of the weather, sit on our couches and read and sometimes take a little nap.  Nevertheless, I wonder what everyone does when they aren't able to come to the library.
     Today as I sit here, listening to the Christmas music, I'm thoughtful about Thanksgiving and thinking what I'm thankful for.
     One thing that comes to mind is being thankful for Johnnie, who makes morning coffee almost every day for those of us who work here.  So, thank you, Johnnie, for that necessary morning brew.
     Another thing I'm thankful for is Holly, our director, who I know is working hard to make sure our library continues to move forward and provide the best service we can to all those who walk through our doors.  We've been told that this old building will be getting a new chiller and new roof during the next few months, thanks to the help of our County and State officials.  We are definitely thankful for that assistance.
     And I have to say I'm thankful for my office partner, Aileen, who works so hard to keep our large group of computers doing the right things.  That has to be a strain-and-a-half.   Plus she is contantly finding interesting events for the library to the upcoming January 2013 community health fair.  Plus, she's become a very best friend.  Can't ask for more in a two-person office.
     I'm also thankful for all the people I work with here at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library.  I've been here about nine years now, working in various capacities, and everyone here is absolutely the best of the best to work with.  Occasionally we lose retirement or another position somewhere...but not often.  We have a few here who we could call "old timers," but who aren't old.  It's just that once you start working here, you realize what a great place it is and you stay.
     There are many more things I am thankful for at our library, but I won't take the space to list them all.
     I do have to say that I'm thankful for all of you who read this homely, little blog.  It's not fancy with pictures, colorful with design, or elegant with words.  It's just a little thing I do because I was asked to do it, and I've truly enjoyed it.  However, I'm sure if I could find the right person here at the library, it would take on a different kind of life.  But for the meantime, I'm thankful I'm allowed to write it and share our library's information with you.
     So, take a few minutes somewhere around Thanksgiving Day and think about what you're thankful for.  It might surprise you what you come up with.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


     It's hard to believe the last post was written on October 24th, but it was.  Vacations are always hard to come back from, but this time will be easier for me.
     We're going to have a visit from Helen Scott Correll, a nature illustrator and author of "Middlewood Journal: Drawing Inspiration from Nature."
     The event will be this Thursday, November 15th, here in the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library's auditorium, starting at 6:30 p.m.  The event is free to the public.
     Correll is a freelance writer, illustrator, and photographer from Spartanburg, South Carolina.  She's also a member of the Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators, as well as the Guild of Nature Science Illustrators.  Multi-talented, she has a blog, has published articles and illustrations in numerous magazines, and has now published a book about nature.
     I took the review book home during my vacation and was amazed at the beautiful illustrations of flowers, mushrooms, leaves, animal tracks, feathers, and all kinds of nature's treasures.
     With a foreward by naturalist Janisse Ray (who has been at our library several times and is well-known in our area), Correll's book gathers illustrations and writings from her hikes and blog (by the same name - Middlewood Journal) to create a treasury of discoveries, from giant red mushrooms peaking beneath a cover of leaves to a hawk on a branch so close you can hear its preening.  She covers season to season, discovering miniature beauties of the South, the life that you only find by slowing down and allowing the landscape to inspire you.  You, too, will witness the change of seasons through the blooms, birdsongs, and balance of sunlight in Correll's delicate prose and drawings in the Middlewood Journal.
     For the Middlewood Journal blog, go to  You can also follow Helen on Twitter at @hscorrell.
     And don't forget, on our library website home page, you'll see Helen's picture and several areas you can click on.  Be sure to watch the book trailer.  You'll have the chance to see her cabin and the trails she walks on her property at Middlewood.
     Join us this Thursday for an amazing visit with Helen Scott Correll.  Her book will be available to purchase.