Thursday, April 25, 2013


     Before I went to lunch today, I watched a small portion on a Yahoo! live feed of the dedication of the Bush Presidential Library  (for the last President Bush).  There was a running dialog box on the lefthand side of the screen.
     One person stated: "Libraries are so 1950s.  Couldn't we just make him a website and save a ton of taxpayer money?"
     Another person responded:  "Shame on you.  Libraries are the greatest gifts to us and should not and will not be replaced entirely by websites."
     How do you feel about that?  Are libraries so 1950s?  Should we replace them and save the taxpayers a ton of money?  How about..."should not and will not be replaced entirely by websites?"  I thought about that word "entirely."
     I feel a little biased working in a library.  And this is my second library.  I don't believe I could answer those questions without taking into consideration all of my feelings about libraries.  Or websites, for that matter.  It might take me a long time to write it all down.
     But I did wonder if you have an opinion on this subject and are willing to share it with us.  If so, please leave a comment here. 
     We'd love to hear from at our library and on our website.
     Thanks in advance.

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