Wednesday, May 15, 2013


     Elois, Aileen, and I went to the Community Garden this morning.  It's located adjacent to our library parking lot, surrounded by a chain-link fence, inside the Bert Harsh Park.  And once again, we walked the seven long rows and stared at the five huge black pots.  Here's what we found:
     Row 1 - spinach and zinnias
     Row 2 - yellow squash and eggplant
     Row 3 - zucchini and yellow squash
     Row 4 - tomatoes
     Row 5 - carrots
     Row 6 - turnips
     Row 7 - beets and beans (the running kind)
     Pot 1 - peppers (bell, I think)
     Pot 2 - peppers (hot)
     Pot 3 - cucumbers
     Pot 4 - English peas and basil
     Pot 5 - cilantro.

     Well, how about that?  And people are already coming to the Community Garden and picking the greens and squash.  Aileen and Elois are patiently waiting for the beets to be big enough, but I bet they will have to be out there fast to get some.
     Everyone is so excited about this corner of the park.  If you're driving by, just park on the side of the street and take a look.  Or better yet, come inside the fence and take a walk.  You'll be amazed at how lush everything looks.
     And thank you to all the fellows who tend the garden.  You are are taking care of a great show and resource!!!!

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